General Characteristics

When out of balance

Pitta people tend to have diseases involving fire  principle: metabolism/digestion, allergies, inflammatory diseases, skin rashes, burning sensations, acid reflux, diarrhea, ulceration, colitis, or sore throat, fevers

They can be easily agitated, aggressive and tend toward hate, anger, jealousy when imbalanced. Pitta people tend to become obsessive/compulsive

Take Gymnema for metabolic imbalance relating to sugar. Try a liver cleanse with Phyllanthus. The liver has many roles, one of which is fat metabolism. After cleansing with Phyllanthus, use Picrorrhiza to strengthen the liver.

Reduce the amount of dark meats (beef, dark chicken), tomato and sauces/salsas, hot peppers, sour foods. Prefer fruits such as pears, apples, raisins and eat white meat (chicken, duck). Dairy foods are very helpful.

Use of light to moderate massage pressure and gentle tapping is best. Use Cooling Massage Oil. Or try aromatherapy with cooling essential oils.

Try team or group sports: basketball, volleyball and reduce competitive individual sports such as running or tennis. Water skiing, kayaking are beneficial.