Where do Ayurvedic herbs come from and where does Nature’s Formulary manufacture their products?

Nature’s Formulary purchases raw materials from USA based suppliers. Our products are manufactured in the USA in FDA inspected facilities. All of the world’s supply of Ayurvedic herbs comes from India.

Are Ayurvedic herbs safe?

Ayurvedic herbs have been used safely in India for more than 4,000 years. When used as directed and in traditional formulas/doses, Ayurvedic herbs have an excellent safety record. Nature’s Formulary follows all the cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) mandated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These norms prescribe stringent standards for quality control, traceability and more.

Is the best way to select products for me by FIRST finding out my Dosha and then matching the products recommended for my Dosha?

Yes that is the best way. Let us take an example. You take the test and come up as a Pitta (highest) then Kapha(second) and Vata (distant third). Your constitution is Pitta/Kapha. This indicates the conditions you may have to watch out for – for example Liver health. Check out Phyllanthus and you will see that is recommended for Pitta imbalances (Kapha imbalances too – in this case)

Do I HAVE TO know my Dosha to select products?

No because these herbal products will have an effect on everyone – regardless of their Dosha. However selecting on the basis of Doshas will match the products best with your body’s needs and your body’s tendencies.

Then why do I need to know my Doshas?

Your unique Dosha combination indicates your tendencies and hence the health conditions to which you may be susceptible. Knowledge of your Dosha will help you DEVISE A LIFESTYLE PLAN that includes our herbal products AND foods, massage, excercise, etc that will BE MATCHED TO YOUR unique needs. The key difference in Ayurvedic medicine is the belief that this wholisitc approach leads to better health. Research has shown that more and more Americans believe this to be the case. Ayurveda and Nature’s Formulary provide a time tested system and tools to create a wholistic lifestyle plan, one that is designed for YOUR unique constitution.

Is Ayurvedic herbal therapy validated by modern science and clincial studies?

Yes, Ayurvedic herbs have been heavily researched over the last 35 years! There are literally hundreds and hundreds of studies available at many well-known databases. These research studies are peer-reviewed. You will find many at The National Library of Medicine in Washington DC. You can search this database yourself to see the entire list of clinical studies by clicking here. Once you are there, just insert the BOTANICAL NAME of our products (displayed on the product’s page) and you will be able to see ALL the studies they have.

If you would like to find out more about using herbs and herbal therapy, you may find useful information located here at American Herbal Products Association web site.