General Characteristics

Kapha people have a large muscular build. Quite likely because while their digestive strength is good, but their metabolism is slow. Kapha types are not inclined to engage in physical activity, so they can gain weight and do not lose it easily.  Skin is thick, oily and smooth. Eyes are large, dark with thick, long lashes and brows. Kapha people have deep, prolonged sleep. Their speech is regular, sometimes slow and paced.

Kapha people tend to be laid back and calm, tolerant. They like to seek harmony and are good consensus builders. Kaphas tend to be reserved and introspective. While they may be slow at first, their long term memory is excellent.

Lifestyle suggestions:
It is essential for a Kapha person to vary their routine so they do not fall into a rut. For example, take a different road to work once a week or don’t always order the same dish at a restaurant.

For the Kapha person, even a small amount of physical activity is essential. Walking, hiking, bicycling are great choices. Limit sweet, oily, salty foods to just a few times a week. Prefer lighter foods. Click here for some suggested recipes

Take Ashwagandha and Chyawanprash.

kapha woman

When out of balance, what happens:

They tend to have diseases connected to the water principle such as flu, sinus congestion, and others involving mucous. Other issues are sluggishness, excess weight, diabetes, water retention.

Kaphas tend to become withdrawn, experience greed, envy, attachment and possessiveness. Depression is also possible.

When out of balance, what you should do:

Take Ashwagandha to improve energy levels. Gymnema to help reduce sugar cravings. Try a liver cleanse with Phyllanthus. The liver has many roles, one of which is fat metabolism. After cleansing with Phyllanthus, use Picrorrhiza to rejuvenate the liver.

The nature of Kapha force is moist and heavy. Exaggeration of heavy, moist foods such as dairy, eggs, wheat, rice leads to imbalances. Switch to light or dry foods such as; salads, cooked vegetables, poultry. Click here for some suggested recipes

A deep tissue massage will help move retained fluids. Use Warming Massage Oil. Or try aromatherapy with spicy, stimulating essential oils.

Hiking is an excellent start to a Kapha’s exercise regimen along with aerobic activity, soccer, tennis, rowing, cycling and volleyball.