Sustainable Cultivation

For centuries Ayurvedic philosophy has advocated for humans to live in harmony with nature; with respect and reverence for the resources she provides. Nature’s Formulary has always believed in this philosophy. Our commitment to the program is reflected by the display of the seal of the program “Sustainable Cultivation • Best Practices” on our product label.  Here are some of our policies:

Organic  –  Wild Crafted (NON-GMO)  –  Fair Trade

Nature’s Formulary products will be manufactured from organic or wild crafted herbal raw materials, as far as possible. To support this, we utilize initiatives under a program titled “Sustainable Cultivation • Best Practices”. The objective of the program is to establish criteria for working with suppliers of the company’s natural materials. Nature’s Formulary will give preference to suppliers who support these initiatives:

Nature’s Formulary’s on-going internal practices include:

  • All of our packaging components always have been and will always be completely recyclable.
  • All of our product labels are printed using solvent free inks; minimizing VOC emissions. These inks eliminate drying equipment, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • We use recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials in our warehouse operations. Packing “popcorn” is non-toxic, vegetable based and dissolves harmlessly in a landfill.