General Characteristics

Physical :
Vata dominant people are of a thin build; either tall or short. They walk and talk fast but tire easily. Appetite is variable and digestive strength is low, hence they cannot gain weight easily. Vata skin is dry and thin. Due to poor circulation they complain easily of being cold, particularly at the periphery: nose, feet, hands.

Psychological :
Vata predominant person has a quick mind and they grasp things quickly but forget them quickly. Vata people do not have a lot of will power, confidence or boldness. They are flexible and easily “go with the flow.” They are very creative, but that often makes it hard for them to remain focused, tending to go hither and thither.  They are alert, restless and very active. They can earn money quickly and spend it quickly. Vata people are very outgoing and have a large circle of friends. They are not shy and willingly speak with everyone!

Lifestyle suggestions:
Routine is very useful for the Vata individual. It helps them to remain focused and avoiding scattering their efforts.

Favor smaller meals made of foods that are easy to digest. Limit the amount raw vegetables and fruit taken. Prefer lighter, cooked, warm foods. Click here for some suggested recipes.

Pause a fast paced life by getting a massage or taking a swim, read a book.

Take Ashwagandha and Chyawanprash.

vata woman

When out of balance, what happens:

Vata influencing areas of the body are the colon, brain, ears, bones, joints, skin. Hence Vata types are susceptible to diseases such as, cold or aching joints, dry skin and hair, emphysema, arthritis, constipation, flatulence, tics, twitches, nerve disorders and mental confusion.

When this Dosha is out of balance, Vata types have a tendency to become anxious, nervous, indecisive.

When out of balance, what you should do:

Take Ashwagandha to help loss of energy. Boswellia and Guggul for joint conditions. Daily dose of Chyawanprashwill support an inherently fragile immune system. Triphala is excellent for constipation.

Stay away from cold and dry foods such as beans, red meats and prefer well cooked vegetables, cheese and milk, wheat bread, banana, soy beans. Click here for some suggested recipes

A gentle Swedish massage will help calm a Vata. Use Calming Massage Oil. Apply oil to the legs and feet, a very essential area for grounding and calming Vata.

Try Yoga, low impact aerobics, golf, hiking, baseball.